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Tornado GRL leather strap for Breitling

Tornado GRL leather strap for Breitling
10 500 Ft

Produced by RIOS1931. Made in Germany!

  • Genuine Russian Leather strap
    Breitling replacement strap


    Art manuel technology: precious craftsmanship with tradition
    Seam: white stitching
    Thickness of strap: Approx. 3-7 mm
    Length: M 114/82mm
    The watch strap is compatible with watches of the brand Breitling
    Stainless steel clasp (polished or gilt design).
    Produced by RIOS1931. Made in Germany!
    For bigger, better photos, please download our catalog.


    Delivery time is about 2-4 weeks. Pre-payment is needed in case of ordering.

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