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Pisa alligator leather strap for Paneraihoz

Pisa alligator leather strap for Paneraihoz
41 000 Ft

Produced by RIOS1931. Made in Germany!

  • Pisa alligator leather strap, with folding buckle
    Treated with natural oils and waxes
    Art manuel
     technology: precious craftsmanship with tradition
    The watch strap is compatible with watches of the brand Officine Panerai
    Seam: white stitching
    Thickness of strap: Approx. 2-4,5 mm
    Produced by RIOS1931. Made in Germany!
    For bigger, better photos, please download our catalog.

    Delivery time is about 2-4 weeks. 50% pre-payment is needed in case of ordering.

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